Welcome to the 18th RHESSI Workshop

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Launched in 2002, the Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) was a NASA Small Explorer Mission designed to explore the basic physics of particle acceleration and explosive energy release in solar flares. This is achieved through imaging spectroscopy observations of the X-ray and gamma-ray emissions of these energetic events. Decommissioned in October 2018, RHESSI covered more than a complete solar cycle in its 16 year lifetime and tremendously advanced the understanding of high energy phenomena at the Sun. 

This workshop is the 18th in a series of workshops to explore high-energy topics in solar flare physics. The workshop will feature results from RHESSI and several other instruments studying high-energy solar physics, including NuSTAR, EOVSA, Fermi, MinXSS and FOXSI, and will also focus on preparing for future missions such as FOXSI, ASO-S and STIX.

Workshop Details

Tate Hall, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus
116 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Begins: May 28, 2019
Ends: June 1, 2019

Registration fee:
Early Bird: $300 (ends April 22)
Late Registration: $320 (after April 22)
Student: $50

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Tate Hall